Healthy Pine River Minutes May 12, 2016

Healthy Pine River   Minutes May 12, 2016

7:02 call to order  (Gary Rayburn)
Approval of April Minutes (Ralph Grohsbauer/Randall Meade)
Treasurer’s report (chuck)
   Bank balance of 2,199.79
Tax filing 990EZ form is completed and sent in
Saginaw WIN update:  Chuck had a conversation with Mike Kelly.  No funding was awarded.  Chuck will tweak the grant and reapply

New Business
Robin Wolfe resigned from the board.  Thank you, Robin, for your input.  Resignation accepted (Jane Keon/Chuck Sandro)
Sue Joyce was nominated by Gary Rayburn to replace Robin on the board.  No other nominations were made.  (Ralph/Chuck)
Live River Cam. Matt Ogle presented information about a live river cam.  This live feed would be accessed on our website so that people can watch water and wildlife….and also algae growth and brown plumes.  
Pros:  the camera only cost $200.oo plus the mount, and can be moved.  It is time/date stamped which would allow record of the speedy algae growth.  
Cons:  If the river looks clean, people will not be convinced to help
Motion to purchase and install at Gary Rayburn’s house on Riverview. (Mel Nyman/Dawn Brady) This will be a tool of documentation and it may bring viewers.  
HPR Website and FB page:  (Matt Ogle/Justin Barnaby) our site address. to send information to load
282 Facebook likes
Jane and Brian will contact AHS Facebook page to pique interest.
Pine River and streams bank erosion (Jane Keon/Julie Spencer)  Jane and Julie presented about stream bank erosion.  This information is needed for the Watershed Plan.  A Survey Data Sheet was handed out as a tool to gather consistent data. Volunteers are needed to gather the necessary information.  It was determined that there needs to be a training for the volunteers and a strategy for the areas which will be assessed.  The DEQ must approve the Watershed Plan which leads to big grants.  Brian has given a map of all the drains which drain into the Pine River (to Jane?)  There are holes in the Watershed draft.  These holes need to be filled in and the Plan sent to the state.  
Our need to get this done was underlined by the statements that fish need dissolved oxygen.  The temperature of the water determines the oxygen.  Last year the water temp was 80 degrees.  Even warm water fish can’t live in that.  
Upcoming meeting with “Water Czar” (Dawn Brady)
Jon Allan, Director of Office of Great Lakes, will hopefully be the speaker for our June 9 meeting (we will move to Alma College 7 p.m. if he comes)  We want to have a good public presence so we need to get the word out.  The ad hoc committee has determined these goals for Mr. Allan’s visit (following notes from ad hoc committee meeting):

What do we want from Jon Allan?
*To come, introduce himself, present, engage in dialogue
*To understand the culture of the DEQ
*How to acquire more funding
*local action
*quicker responses when problems are identified
*enforcement/better guidelines for enforcement
*represent our need for extension services and a full time MAEP technician in Gratiot County

How do we do this?
Invite (via Marcus) Jon Allan to come to Alma, Thursday, June 9 (our HPR meeting night) (alt. Wed June 8)    {NOTE:  Since this meeting Jon Allan has confirmed his visit to Alma on Thursday, June 9 at 7 p.m. at the Dow Science Building at Alma College}

Meanwhile we:
Take a deep breath
Join HPR
Dredge.  The anti-resistant bacteria thrives in sediment filled waterways.  
Reduce.  Our own yard applications contribute to the algae bloom problems.
Think about how you use water.  Fix drips, turn off the faucet when you are
brushing your teeth, use water saving shower heads.
Legislate.  Write letters to encourage a change in laws which will protect our
waters and have consequences for those who do not follow them.  Watch
for infractions, record and report them.  Meet your representatives.  Go to
city or county meetings
Awareness.  There are already wars over water.  We must protect this life giving
resource. Talk to people about water and our responsibility to protect it.
Write letters
Document erosion

Next Meeting is June 9, 2016 Alma College
Dow Science Building  
Jon Allan, Director of the Office of the Great Lakes will be speaking and listening.  This is an important meeting to express our concerns and needs.  

Bring neighbors and concerned citizens!