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Important HPR Fundraiser 🌎

We have an exciting event this month for Earth Day🌎, and we need your help!
Padnos Central Michigan and WMLM radio are organizing a metal recycling collection from 10 a,m. to 2 p.m. on April 22 at the Alma Public Library parking lot, and they’re donating ALL the proceeds to Healthy Pine River!
See the attached flyer for details. The radio station is even doing a concert tickets giveaway!
Please help in these ways:
  • Tell your friends and neighbors about the metal collection, and encourage them to participate.
  • If you can, help people get their unwanted metal to the event.
  • Look around your property, and take your own items to the collection. We want to see you!
  • If you or anyone you know needs help getting items to the collection, call me at 989-330-3686.
It’s hard to know how successful this metal collection will be. But we’re thrilled that Padnos and WMLM are planning this for us, and we want to make it as great as possible!
Thank you!